The Dragon Is Not In The Sky

The Dragon Is Not In The Sky [All Chapters]



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Dragon dance is a traditional custom of praying for good fortune and eliminating calamities. The world’s calamities are caused by calamity, and people who can reverse fortunes and calamities are called dragon masters. Zhao Ji, who was reborn because of a dragon stone, loved the dragon dance culture since childhood and was determined to become a dragon master. Zhao Ji found out in a mission that the Dragon Master’s elimination of calamities will bring a curse to himself that cannot be lifted. Zhao Ji, who possesses the power of the dragon stone, along with the genius girl Geng Xiaochen, and Luan Xi, the successor of the Drunken Dragon faction, decided to change the fate of the entire Dragon Master’s curse. The dragon master who eliminated calamities and misfortunes for others should not die tragically! As everyone knows, an ancient cataclysm is quietly coming because of their actions…

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