Blade and Expedition: Impervious Sword

Blade and Expedition: Impervious Sword [All Chapters]

瑟恩传:无芒之刃, 瑟恩传:无芒之刃(剑与远征 官方漫画

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On the continent of Isomia, the war between the Ember Empire and the Barbarian Blood Tribe is about to commence. Thayne, who is eager to become a strong warrior, goes to the battlefield with his famous sword, Lotus, where he meets Baden, a nobleman who is also a self-trained warrior. A fated rival or a comrade? When Thayne begins to understand the meaning of becoming stronger, an evil conspiracy hidden behind the war gradually surfaces …… The Glorious Empire, or a remnant buried in the dust. The pivot of fate, at that moment, turns suddenly.

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